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Why the name,  "Apron for Neera"

In June of 2019 I was trying to find a last minute gift for my dear friend Neera. I came up with the idea to make her an apron. Now, Neera is one of those grandmothers who is in love with her grandchildren. How about matching aprons for the girls? They were a hit and I thought, "I could sell these". The next day I went out and bought about $100 worth of fabric and from that day, if I am not working on aprons, I am wishing I were.


#Looking good!

I love everything about fabric, shopping for it, matching it, cutting it, making a stack of it, my husband washing it, and creating with it. I like to find just the right fabrics and pattern for you. 

I also enjoy searching for unique fabrics to make into aprons, vintage table cloths, chenille bedspreads, curtains, vintage linens, reusing fabric and giving it a new life. 

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